Impressum / Datenschutzerklärung

Imprint / Impressum

German Legal Stuff

As I do not offer any kind of services on this Website I don`t see any need for an imprint. So there is none.

This webpage is a personal webpage as described in  DSGVO article 2 chapter 2c.

This webpage does not allow to create accounts, upload files, does not use analytic tools, … so this is a really simple and static webpage for my personal enjoyment.


Data Used: In order to check login activity and potentially block fraudulent attempts, the following information is used: attempting user’s IP address, attempting user’s email address/username (i.e. according to the value they were attempting to use during the login process), and all IP-related HTTP headers attached to the attempting user.

License for papers and website

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Dieses Inhalte stehen unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.

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